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Why Magnus Strapping?

Steel strapping is an important packaging material, which protects packaged goods while in transit either by rail, air, road or sea. Many packaging industries rely on steel strapping which are especially good for specific applications. In order to use steel strapping there are a range of strapping equipment that can be used efficiently to package the goods. These include, sealing equipment, hand tools, powered strapping machines and dispensers. There are several brands of equipment that use steel strapping effectively. Some of the popular brands of strapping equipment are Signode, Fromm and Orgapack.

There are two types of steel strapping, Magnus and Apex Plus. They are formulated in such a way that it is compatible with a wide range of equipment for every kind of application. Steel strapping is considered the strongest in the packing industry. Though it is slowly losing popularity with the arrival of poly strapping and other kinds of strapping like cord strapping which is economical to buy and use. Many industries however, prefer to use steel strapping over other kinds of strapping.

Magnus is largely used in the packaging industries, as it is medium carbon steel strapping with high tensile strength. Customers prefer using high tensile strapping with the edges painted black and waxed. This kind of strapping is available in several sizes and has break strength of about 5450 pounds. This strapping is also ideal to use with hand tools, pneumatic tools and automatic tools.

Steel strapping has fewer advantages and many more disadvantages. The advantage is that it is strong and high tensile. It has been approved for use on railroads. The disadvantage of steel strapping is that it leaves rust marks on the surface of the packaged goods. It also damages the packages by cutting into it. This is the most common reason for people avoid steel strapping and use poly strapping.

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Are There Downfalls to Using Steel Strapping?

Steel strapping has been used in the packaging industry for a long time now. It is well known for its strength and how useful it is in packaging heavy and large products. However, with the constant evolution in the strapping industry there have been a host of new products that are very cost effective and beneficial to the industry.

The arrival of the polyester and poly propylene strapping, industry users have been impressed by its strength in packaging goods and have been switching over from using steel strapping. Slowly steel strapping is getting sidelined and poly strapping is getting a lot of attention from the industry.

However, there are steel strapping users who do not wish to switch over to any other kind of strapping.  Many heavy duty industries like lumber, steel alloy and oil industries prefer steel strapping to any other strapping. The most commonly used steel strapping is high tensile and it is edged, painted black and waxed. This type of steel strapping is AAR approved for railroad.

Steel strapping comes in several sizes and widths and is ribbon wound. Its break strength is about 5,450 pounds. It is an ideal strapping for use with hand tools, pneumatic tools or automatic equipment.

Though steel strapping is sturdy and strong it has its own set of disadvantages and users are dissatisfied over time about the flaws that are attached to this kind of strapping. The main disadvantage with steel strapping is that it rusts and cannot withstand humid weather or damp weather conditions. It has sharp edges and can injure workers easily. It can cut through packages. Last but not least it is an expensive strapping.

The disadvantages of steel strapping outnumber the advantages. The major advantages are that steel strapping is high tensile and very strong. It makes for tighter packaging. While many hold on to using steel strapping for its strength, many are switching over to inexpensive options like poly strapping and cord strapping that do not rust or damage packaged goods. Unfortunately, even the best quality steel strapping rusts.

Many industries are beginning to cut costs by doing away with steel strapping which cuts into their budget. They have begun to switch over to poly strapping which is equally strong and far cheaper to use.  Poly strapping is also good to use with different types of tools and is easier to use without any risk of injuring the worker.


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Steel strapping is very popular on strength, and being low on flexibility, steel strapping is ideal to strap steel bars, lumber and bricks. Steel strapping began losing popularity for two major reasons. One of the reasons is that it is more expensive than other kinds of strapping. The other is that it rusts quickly and is not weather resistant.

Steel strapping also damages the goods that have been packed by making marks or tearing them. It also does not accommodate the shifting of weight that occurs during transport. However there are efficient steel strapping tools that help with tight strapping using steel.

But all said and done, steel strapping is by far the strongest strapping even with a few of its shortcomings. The packaging industry relies on steel strapping for mid duty and heavy duty applications. Several steel and metal industries continue to patronize steel strapping and are not willing to switch over to poly strapping. Steel strapping is also stable and stretches very little after each application.

Advantages of Steel strapping

  • It is a great option for handling heavy loads
  • It is good for rough handling
  • Many different sizing options
  • Steel strapping is carbon reinforced

Disadvantages of Steel strapping

  • Main drawback is steel strapping rusts
  • Scratch and tear the load during transportation
  • Risk of injury to user is high
  • Cannot withstand exposure to humid and damp weather conditions
  • More expensive than poly strapping

Industry experts say that due the carbon reinforced nature of steel, it is still a good strapping material and can be of great advantage to the industry. Cost fluctuation happens due to the price of the base metal and this is the reason for it being difficult to budget.  Industries that do not have any budget constraints continue to use steel strapping. Those industries that have switched over to poly strapping have however, cut costs by half.