Composite Cord Strapping

Composite Cord Strapping

Composite cord strapping is often referred to as synthetic steel because of its exceptionally high strength. It is considered as one of the best steel strapping replacements available today. It is one of the latest advances in the strapping industry. It is made of high-tenancy polyester yarns encased in polymer coating. You can find this type of plastic strapping in a wide range of strengths and widths.

Safer & Easier Strapping

Composite cord strapping makes strapping safer, easier and effective while providing the level of strength and properties matching steel strapping. It has very high weather high resistance due to polymer coating. It allows reinforcing cargo in the most reliable way at an affordable price.

Benefits of Composite Cord Strapping

Some of the main benefits of using cord strapping tools include:

  • Very high strength (matching that of steel strapping)
  • It is retracts tension
  • It is nonabrasive, as it will not cause any damage to load during shipment

Composite strapping is lightweight and doesn’t have any sharp edges to cause any damages like metal banding. It is considered better than steel straps because it makes loading, off-loading and handling safer.  The tensioned strapping can be secured using buckles for optimal joint efficiency. However, other types of securing systems can also be used, such as the following:

Using composite straps can help in reducing your costs by a huge margin if you are currently using steel or stainless steel strapping. It can be used for any type of industrial application without the need to compromise on strength. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and harsh conditions due to the special coating.

Main Features

Some of the other features of cord strapping are as following:

  • It prevents damage to the load because it doesn’t scratch, cut or stain
  • Its high tensile strength also helps it in absorbing impact during shipment. There is no risk of the plastic strapping snapping or the cargo breaking
  • It is lightweight and the crew can handle the load by hand
  • It maintains its tension and shape under even the most harsh weather conditions
  • Composite cord strapping can be used in high temperatures, moist conditions, and under UV rays without any worries

Overall, composite cord strapping stands out for its exceptionally high strength, lightweight, safety, and high-resistance to the elements and chemicals.