Fromm A335 Manual Sealless Combination Tool for Steel Strapping

Fromm A335 Manual Sealless Combination Tool for Steel Strapping

The Fromm A335 is a manual combination tool that delivers a sealless joint for steel straps of width 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. It is a proven, universal steel strapping tool that is designed for reliability and ease of service. It is a lightweight tool that weighs just 8.9 lbs, but it is a highly rugged tool that can be used in extreme working conditions. It can be used with both regular duty and high-tensile steel straps.


This Fromm Steel strapping tool delivers a highly reliable sealless joint that remains stable even when the load is transported. It is considered one of the most reliable tool for strapping loads for shipment because it delivers an exceptionally high joint efficiency of up to 80%. The A-335 has a mostly steel construction. The special feedwheel system further helps boost its efficiency. The tool is also available in another version with torque wrench tension system.

Technical Specs

The main list specifications of the A-335 are as following:

  • Strapping Type: Steel Strapping
  • Strapping Size: 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch width (0.020 to 0.023 inch thickness)
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs (3.9 kg) (standard version) and 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg) (torque wrench version)
  • Seal Efficiency: up to 80%

For vertical applications, the A335 can also be used a suspension bracket. The tools’ tension system is designed to prevent tension loss, making it a highly reliable tool when used for heavy-duty applications where there can be no error in tensioning and seal. Its high seal efficiency of 80% makes it an even better performer than many of the individual manual sealers. It has longer steel handles designed to make it easier to use.


The main features of the A-335 combination tools are as following:

  • Delivers a very high seal efficiency of 80%.
  • Designed keeping in mind applications involving high-tensile Fromm Steel strapping.
  • The gripper and feedwheel are made of super-speed steel.
  • Perfectly suited for both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Weights just 8.9 lbs, making it an extremely lightweight tool.

Replacement & Wear Parts

All the wear parts and replacement parts for the manual sealless tool are available for online order. This includes feedwheel, die half, shear blade, gripper, punch, and catch pawl. The tool can also be sent to repair any issues.

The A335 is an easy-to-use and highly efficient manual steel strapping tool that delivers high reliability.