Fromm P329 Battery Powered Poly Strapping Tool

Fromm P329 Battery Powered Poly Strapping Tool

The Fromm P329 battery powered strapper is one of the toughest poly strapping tools. It is designed for strapping 5/8”-3/4” plastic straps. The tool weighs just 9.3 lbs and can generate adjustable tension of up to 900 lbs. It features the latest technologies that make strapping easier, quick and effortless. Thanks to these new improvements, it is capable of doing things which weren’t possible earlier.

The P329 is a battery-run polyester strapping tool that is designed to take off all the effort involved in strapping. The new improvements and interactions help ensure that there are no joint errors. It is a lightweight tool that can pull the strap and weld it in one go in fully-automatic mode.

Features of Fromm P329

  • Generates adjustable tension up to 900 lbs.
  • Simple knobs also allow ease of adjusting seal time.
  • Features latest brushless motor for minimal maintenance and increased lifecycle.
  • Available in fully-automatic and semi-automatic versions.
  • New plates and guides make the tool easier to remove from the polyester strapping.
  • Special motor temperature monitoring feature to ensue motor doesn’t overheat.
  • Ease of removing from packages with smaller surfaces.
  • Special cycle counter.
  • Special protective design for battery.
  • Special indicator for battery charge.

This battery powered strapper offers a high joint efficiency of up to 75%. Its welding mechanism is controlled by a dedicated motor. It ensures that the weld has cooled down before the tool is removed.

Technical Specifications

  • Strapping: Polypropylene & polyester strapping; 5/8”-3/4” width & 0.016”-0.053” thickness
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs (4.2 kg)
  • Tension: 112lbs-900lbs (500N-4,000N)
  • Tension Speed: 1.9”-3.1” per second
  • Seal Type: Friction Weld
  • Seal Efficiency: Up to 75%
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 18-Volt DC @ 4 Ah

Other Options

There are a few other options to the Fromm P329 for different strap widths. These include:

  • Fromm P328 for polyester strapping of width 1/2”-5/8”.
  • Fromm P331 for straps of width 1”-1-1/4”.
  • Pneumatically powered P359 for straps of width 1”-1-1/4”.

Repair & Accessories

All the common wear parts and replacement parts for the Fromm P329 are readily available for online order. Besides, the battery-powered poly strapping tool has a service-friendly design. All this helps in reducing the turnaround time for tool repair.

All accessories for the P329 are also easily available. The common components that helps enhance its functioning include:

  • Standard suspension bracket
  • Protection plate
  • Wearing plate
  • Cycle count reader
  • Motor cooling fan

The Fromm P329 battery powered strapper is designed for signal-hand operation. It has a fully-covered design that protects fingers and provides additional safety.