Signode: What Makes This Tool Company so Popular?

A company that designs and develops innovative tools for the strapping industry, Signode has achieved great popularity over the years. There is no packaging industry around the world that is not using at least one of its products or accessories. Industry experts rely on Signode tools because they are not only reliable but long lasting too.

Efficiency and productivity have been the watchword for this company that produce different kinds of manual, pneumatic and other battery powered tools which are very useful to the packaging industry. These tools can be operated in the manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes. Signode also ensures that these tools are very user friendly.

Most of their tools are operated at the flick of a button and this goes very well with workers who do not get tired using these light weight tools when compared to the heavy ones they were used to using earlier. This eliminates fatigue and increases productivity within the company. Signode has collected a loyal customer base for this reason.

Another important facet of Signode tools is that they are all ergonomically designed. Some of the latest tools that are getting very popular is the lithium-ion battery operated tools. These tools are the talk of the industry as this has increased the productivity and efficiency of the industry. This tool is very durable due to the battery used. It is an 18V battery and the existing charge works for a long time and the chargeable battery gets charged up to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. The industry considers this tool to be a benefit for its efficiency.

Some of the other cutting edge tools brought out by Signode for the strapping industry are the BXT2-19. Using a friction weld sealing and a brushless motor, this tool comes in the semi-automatic and automatic modes, with two batteries and a charger. This tool is considered as the best for poly strapping. This is also one of the tools that has proven to be cost effective to the strapping industry.

Signode is constantly improving existing tools and innovating and developing new tools for the industry, with a focus on increasing efficiency and productivity. This is the reason that it has carved a niche for itself in the industry. Their tools with the automatic mode are the most popular as it is faster and easier to use to the worker who is always pressed for time. Moreover, as the perfect strapping is achieved in each and every application, the cycle time is quicker and work gets done faster.

Allstrap Steel & Poly Strapping stocks all Signode products and has experience in building, rebuilding and repairing tools. Customers can call Allstrap for more information.