Stainless Steel Strapping – An Ideal Alternative to Steel

When the strapping and packaging industries were at the end of their rope trying to find a suitable replacement for steel strapping, stainless steel strapping was introduced. Meanwhile many in the industry began switching over to poly strapping and cord strapping and were considering it the best replacement for steel strapping. At this point when people discovered that stainless steel strapping could actually be the best alternative to steel strapping.

However, though stainless strapping lured customers to switch over from steel, the industry learned that though this was the best alternative, it came with a huge price tag. Among all strapping, stainless steel strapping is by far the most expensive strapping. But the best thing about this strapping is that it also comes with a lot of advantages. The most important advantage being that it does not rust or leave rust marks on packages like steel does.

Stainless steel strapping comes in three different types: 201, 317 and 304. However, the 201 is the most popular among the three due to its elasticity. It is very worker friendly and able to achieve a good tension.

Type 317 is popular due to its excellent resistance to corrosion and due to this reason, this type is also the most expensive among the three types of stainless strapping. Type 304 is lesser priced and with the same properties. Also, all three types of stainless steel strapping have greater break strength than steel strapping and this is welcomed by the users in the industry.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Strapping

  • No rusting. Can withstand harsh weather
  • Very durable
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent break strength
  • User friendly
  • Can be used with higher tension

Another advantage of stainless steel strapping is that it is safe to use without any sharp edges. It has a good finish. This is also one of the reasons that people are beginning to consider using the stainless steel strapping. But according to industry experts the major disadvantage for some is that stainless steel strapping is very expensive. Some have begun using it as it is absolutely necessary for them to get rust free packaging. There are some industries who would like to switch over from steel, but they do not have the budget for it. There are also a few who are steel loyalists and would not make a switch.

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