Buy Steel Strapping from Allstrap!

When steel strapping was facing a lot of criticism, stainless steel strapping was introduced and it is slowly trying to find its place in the packaging industry. The stainless strapping is undoubtedly a great substitute for steel but the industry experts are not entirely happy with the cost effectiveness of the stainless steel strapping.

Stainless steel banding is used in thermal projects, telecom, industrial piping and other petro chemical industries. They find it effective to use stainless steel strapping for the simple reason that it withstands the elements very well and does not rust easily.

Stainless steel strapping is made of a combination of alloy, chromium and steel. Due to this combination it is very durable and can withstand regular wear and tear. Presently it is considered very suitable as a substitute for steel banding. Stainless steel strapping can withstand harsh weather and it does not rust. This is considered one of the major advantages of the stainless strapping.

Industry experts feel it also has a major disadvantage and is the pricing. Stainless strapping is more expensive than steel strapping. This is not viable for all industries, especially the industries that are run on a tight budget. However, experts also feel that there are several advantages in using the stainless steel strapping and there will be a time when many industries come forward to switch over from steel strapping.

The advantages of stainless strapping are:

  • There is no risk of getting rust stains on the package
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Provides UV resistance
  • Great break strength
  • Easy to handle

Allstrap has stainless straps in three varieties. They are 201, 317 and 304. Stainless steel straps are popular with workers as they are easy to handle and does not have sharp edges that may cause injury.

Stainless steel straps come in a variety of widths, sizes and tensioning levels. After the right tool has been selected for a specific strapping need, the right stainless steel strapping can be chosen. Using the stainless strapping is easy. One has to insert one end of the band into the buckle and bend it. After wrapping the object the strap is brought once more through the buckle. Then it is inserted into the tool and tightened by turning the handle of the tool. After the strap is tightened enough the tool will cut it to the right length.

Every tool and its manufacturer will be slightly different in operation technics. Allstrap is a dealer who stocks all kinds of strapping and strapping tools. Call their customer service department for more information on strapping, tools and demos that you may require.