Strongest Strapping: Cord strap

Cord Strapping is one of the best solutions for securing various types of heavy products in almost all shapes and sizes. It is a better and safer alternative to steel strapping for use with fragile products. There are many benefits of choosing this type of strapping for your strapping applications.


Cord strapping is available in different width for different strapping needs. It has high shock-absorbent properties compared to metal or any other alternatives. It is also lightweight and has a unique property of re-tensioning.

Polyester cord strapping is widely used because it is considered as among the strongest of non-metallic strapping solutions. The strap can be easily applied with tools using cord buckles. Thanks to its high strength and re-tensioning capability, it is used in a wide range of industries – even the marine industry where using metal can have its unique set of risks.

Golden Bear C11

There are many tools that make it quite easy and quick to strap cord strapping. The Golden Bear C11 strapper is one of the most powerful and best options. It can pull a maximum tensioning force of up to 2,700 lbs. it allows you to complete up to 300 cycles per second. The c11 golden bear strapper can generate one of the highest tensioning force among any battery-powered tools.

Golden Bear CS12

The cs12 strapper is another perfect option mid-duty cord strapping applications. It features the latest brushless motor technology. It is designed to be used for strapping both composite and woven strapping having width 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch, and 1-1/2 inch. At just around 8 lbs, this is one of the lightest strapping tools.

This cord pneumatic battery powered tool has 2 versions – the standard and the cutter version. If you want to increase the productivity, use the second version. besides, thanks to its lightweight, it can be easily taken anywhere.

Cord Strapping Accessories

There are various types of cord strapping accessories that make your job easier and faster. Many of these accessories like cord buckles are must-have for securing the strapping in its place. Some of the other items include the sealer and the cart.

You will also need Dispensers cord strapping to help make it easier to manage the straps when moving around the work floor. There are both mobile and stationary types of dispensers, designed to suit your specific requirements.

Cord strapping offers many advantages over steel and other types of strapping materials. You can choose the right strapping size and cord tools to ideally suit your needs.