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Poly Strapping

Poly strapping is a strapping option that is cost effective and strong. The packaging industry is always looking for new strapping options for their packaging needs. With steel strapping being very expensive, the industry began looking for better alternatives for strapping. Poly strapping was developed and proved to be cost effective too.

Many industries are considering poly strapping as the best alternative to steel strapping and switching over. There are several advantages to poly strapping. It is also a worker friendly product. Operators of strapping equipment like to use the poly strapping as it is easy to use and there is no risk of injury.

Advantages of Poly strapping

  • Poly strapping is energy efficient
  • Lower operational costs
  • Less heavy
  • Risk of injury is very less
  • Very flexible, has great elongation and recovery

Disadvantages of Poly strapping

  • Not as durable as steel
  • Cannot be used on sharper surfaces

As poly strapping became popular, industry users began recognizing its strength which is almost comparable to steel strapping. Most importantly poly strapping is available at 1/3rd the cost of steel strapping which is a lot of savings for a small industry looking for strapping options. Also, it works with all kinds of tools, like manual, pneumatic and battery operated tools. It is also available in a variety of widths and sizes. As it doesn’t have any sharp corners it is also very safe to use.

One major advantage where poly strapping scores higher than steel strapping is that poly strapping does not leave marks or stains like steel. As steel cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, it rusts and leaves marks or stains on packaged surfaces. Poly strapping is also very flexible.

Poly strapping comes in various strengths like light, mid-duty and heavy duty. Customers can choose the right strength for their application. The polyester strapping material yields high break strengths and retains strap tension. This feature of poly strapping prevents the packaged products from shifting during transit.

Poly strapping is recyclable, reduces waste and thereby saves on disposal costs. Poly strapping is also available embossed in regular and also heavy duty strengths. It has got excellent elongations and accommodates multiple tension levels in order to stay tight and absorbs impact without breaking until it reaches the destination.

Many industries have switched over to poly strapping and many are considering switching over from steel strapping and have found it cost effective and very economical. Allstrap is a dealer stocking all varieties of strapping both poly and steel strapping in varied strengths, sizes and widths. Call Allstrap for all strapping needs.