Steel Strapping: Best for Strong and Secure Packaging

Every packaging industry is on the lookout for strapping whenever they want their packaging to be strong and reach the destination without any damage. Steel strapping is considered to be one of the strongest types of strapping available in the market. Strapping is also known as banding in the packaging industry and is very helpful in strapping packages in strong and secure manner.

There are different varieties of steel strapping in various sizes and there are quality manufacturers of this kind of strapping too. Signode is one of the most popular providers of steel strapping. The most popular among the strapping are Magnus and Apex Plus. These two are specially made to meet the demands of the packaging industry. According to industry experts, both types of straps are excellent in terms of strength.

Steel strapping available in the U.S. market is always heat treated and cold rolled, and this is one of the reasons for steel to be a great shock absorber when using heavy duty applications. However, any good thing can have its own advantages and disadvantages and this is applicable to this kind of strapping too.


  • Has good break strength
  • Withstand the elements well
  • Helps in securing heavy duty cargo
  • Available is several strengths, sizes and thicknesses


  • Can be corrosive
  • Can stain the object that it has been packed on
  • Has sharp edges and can cut if  not used properly

However, some of the disadvantages can be avoided, if the right application tool is used. Signode has a lot of application equipment, dispensers, battery operated tools and others. Since they have been designing and developing quality steel strapping for years, they have perfected the development of protective packing for packages that have to travel by air, rail, road and water.

Steel strapping is the best for heavy duty applications and where heavy strength and minimal stretch are required. Steel banding is mostly finished with paint and wax or zinc and wax. The wax is used in order to transmit the tension around the bundle in a better and efficient manner. It can be used with some types of tensioners.

Though steel continues to be popular in packaging industries, it is being overtaken with the addition of stainless steel strapping. After a lot of research and development, industry experts believe that stainless steel strapping is making a huge impact in the industry. The main reason for this is that stainless steel strapping does not rust. It can weather the elements better.

Allstrap stocks all of kinds of strapping products and their sales and customer department can help you choose the right kind of strapping for your needs.