Every packaging industry is on the lookout for strapping whenever they want their packaging to be strong and reach the destination without any damage. Steel strapping is considered to be one of the strongest types of strapping available in the market. Strapping is also known as banding in the packaging industry and is very helpful […]


A company that designs and develops innovative tools for the strapping industry, Signode has achieved great popularity over the years. There is no packaging industry around the world that is not using at least one of its products or accessories. Industry experts rely on Signode tools because they are not only reliable but long lasting […]


For heavy or dangerous loads, the long time standard has been 1.25 inch steel strapping.  It is used on metal and metal products, agricultural, and lumber. For medium loads, the standard has been .75 inch steel strapping.  But people don’t buy steel strapping as much now because the alternatives are much easier and safer.  Polyester strapping […]

Buy Strapping Tools

If you are buying strapping tools, first, decide on what type of strapping (steel, polyester, polypro, nylon, cord, or lashing).  Next decide if you need to buy strapping tools that are powered, either battery or pneumatic.  Finally decide on the quality level, or how hard the tools will be used. The combination of tools below […]


The easiest place to buy strapping online is Allstrap. They have multiple shipping locations  through out the US.  Great pricing for orders from truck load to pallet to single coils.  Allstrap leads the industry and has hard to find expert advise (614) 486-7722.  They carry all the tools and have two tool repair facilities. buy […]